6 Reasons To Business Should Use Check Writing Software

Did Check Printing Software know that you can save a lot of time, cash and hassle utilizing check printing software capable of printing MICR numbers in contrast to pre-printed checkbook checks or pre-printed pc checks?

Federal regulations require tests to possess routing transit number and account numbers published in MICR to reduce cheque fraud. If your checks don’t have MICR amounts, banks will reject them. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, that is a system for reading and printing numbers on a test. It utilizes a unique number ribbon and prints them with a magnetic ink. This technical printing speeds up bank processing and makes counterfeiting and forgeries harder.

There are two ways to receive your checks encoded with MICR amounts. You can receive your checks pre-printed together with the required information printed in MICR, either in checkbook format or in page format for printing in the PC. Or you could print MICR numbers on blank check stock using MICR-capable check printing program.


Printing cheques if you need them, instead of having pre-printed checks lying around, reduces opportunities for someone to steal your tests. Additionally, password-protected computerized information is safer from prying eyes compared to ledger books. It’s also simple to make back-ups of the information should something happen to your own computer or premises.


Running out of checks is a pain. But when you use applications to print on blank check stock, you can’t run out of tests and have to await new tests to get there. A new supply of tests is as close as your local business supply store.

You can import your check data and publish hundreds of cheques with only a couple of clicks. If you have ever composed out payroll checks or paid invoices by hand, then you know how time consuming this is. Not only do you need to write each check individually, but then you’ve got to log the payroll data into your accounting software. With check printing software, you input the information into your accounting software along with a few more click exports it for printing.

Save money

Employing blank check inventory is not as expensive than having checks. Additionally, if you ever need to change banks or change your address or other details on your tests, you do not have to have new tests published - you just change the information in your own writer and it prints the newest details on the tests.

Just a couple of clicks of the mouse creates a full report of all of the checks you’ve written in the past year.

Customize your check with emblem to receive your brand on the market area.

Pre-printed checks cost more than blank check stock, but getting those pre-printed checks personalized with your logo and slogan runs up a very hefty price tag. Cheque software permits you to personalize your checks easily. Simply upload your logo image to the program and it prints automatically. Customized checks are a simple way to publicize your brand in the marketplace as you purchase products and services.