Things To Do In Manchester - A Guide To Popular Attractions

Manchester is among the hottest and glorious cities in England. Best known for its inclinations towards arts, science, culture and sports, that this town is a must-see for travel lovers from planet over. Highly cosmopolitan and upmarket, it has something unique to offer to tourists of all types.

If you’re a first-timer in town, you definitely require advice on the top things to do in Manchester. Usually, tourists love to visit the most well-known websites in a city. Listed below are some of the most-visited tourist attractions of Manchester:

The Manchester Wheel - Located at Exchange Square in the Millennium Quarter, this giant wheel lets you have a bird’s eye view of the city. This iconic monitoring wheel is 60 metres in height and comprises 42 capsules which have a seating capacity of eight people each.

Castlefield - Site of the first Roman settlement Mamucium, this area is the middle of the town’s canal network, and therefore, quite significant for industrial growth. It has been designated as one of Britain’s Urban Heritage Sites. Wildlife fans usually include Castlefield in their list of things to do in Manchester.

Things to do in Manchester ’s also the earliest post-reformation Catholic church in England.

Manchester Town Hall - Constructed by Alfred Waterhouse, this neo-Gothic structure is located near Albert Square. It is frequently regarded as the symbol of the city’s wealth and power. The Town Hall also contains a series of paintings depicting historical scenes from the city’s past.